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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. horror at the spa. new details on the terrifying rampage by an ex-marine. killing three, wounding four. women flee in bathrobes. a desperate search before the killer found dead inside. we'll hear from the man who came face to face with the gunman. neck and neck. barack obama and mitt romney tied in a race that is completely up for grabs right now. lost in intense preparations as we count down to the final face-off. will tonight's high-stakes debate decide the race? caught on tape. stunning coverage of this as police dash camera is rolling. shockingly, he is okay. the tape is going wildly viral with the name "super pedestrian." ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ and taylor swift turns times square red this morning, as
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we're set to go one on one with the hottest music star on the planet. her unprecedented two-day appearance begins right now. >> well, good morning, america. this is going to be so good! ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ turning times square red, and times square is so packed this morning. take a look at this moment. taylor swift, just a few minutes ago, liarriving in times square. they've been lined up all weekend long to see taylor swift. >> you can see why her brand-new album, "red" is shooting to number one on itunes. look at all those fans. you're going to go one on one. >> one on one with taylor swift. good morning, america. as you know, robin is home recovering from her bone marrow
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transplant. we're glad to have amy robach here. tonight in boca raton, florida, there you see the table where mitt romney and barack obama will be sitting down with bob schieffer. foreign policy is the focus tonight. but, boy, this debate could not be more important. this race is as tight as it can possibly be. >> wow, those chairs look lonely. >> they won't in a little while. we also have our eye on a tropical system right now. could become a tropical storm, sam says in the next 24 to 48 hours. it could be heading for the east coast as well later this week. we know sam has his eye on that. >> he sure does. a lot of us have our eyes on this. brad pitt grabbed headlines for being the first man in history to be the face of chanel no. 5. now spoofs of him in the ad are getting big laughs. the question is is this a mistake for chanel? >> lots of attention there. want to get to first, the latest on the terrifying shooting that happened at a suburban wisconsin mall on
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sunday. as we told you, four people are dead, now, including the shooter. four others are wounded. people racing to escape the chaos inside the spa. there were terrifying scenes from yesterday. abc's alex perez joins us from brookfield, wisconsin. alex. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. we've learned the gunman was the estranged husband of a woman who worked at the spa. and he had apparently been here to threaten her before. police sate say 45-year-old radcliffe haughton hunted down his wife and opened fire on her at the place where she worked. >> be advised the possible shooter is an ex-marine. he may be still armed. >> reporter: it all began after 11:00 a.m. witnesses say haughton stormed in, ordered everyone on the ground, and started shooting. customers, some still in robes, and others barefoot, ran out in panic. this man, along with his son and
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nephew came face to face with the 14509er as he stepped outside, apparently looking to escape. >> when the suspect came around the corner, it really looked like he saw a deer in the headlights. he didn't expect us to be standing there. he ducked behind the building. >> reporter: moments later, police and s.w.a.t. arrived and surrounded the two-story building. police say haughton started a fire inside the building before shooting and killing himself. >> we were evacuating victims. getting calls from victims. that had hidden themselves in different rooms in the building. >> reporter: haughton's estranged wife, reportedly was killed. witnesses say her daughter, yasmen daniel, seen here in a facebook photo, also worked at the spa and witnessed the shooting. >> she said her stepfather was in the spa and was shooting as many people as he could. >> reporter: investigators say they're still not clear on why haughton snapped. they say he and his wife had been estranged for some time. earlier this month, he was arrested and charged after allegedly slashed the tires on his wife's car in the spa parking lot. she sought a restraining order.
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it was issued just four days ago. though it was not enough. in a phone interview, haughton's father addressed the victims. >> all i can say, i want to apologize to the people of milwaukee who have been hurt. he did not give me any hint of what he would do. >> reporter: now, the four victims who survived the shooting are expected to make a full recovery. on a separate note, this tragedy comes just about two months after the sikh temple shooting. that unrelated incident happened just about 25 miles from here. george? >> a lot of tragedy there, alex, thank you very much. the race for the white house. it's "your voice your vote" with just 15 days to go, just hours before the final face-off in florida. new polls show the race completely up for grabs. abc's jake tapper starts us off from the debate site in boca raton. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. that is right. it is anyone's race so the stakes are incredibly high. tonight is the last chance both candidates have to present their case to the american people, live in primetime.
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the only thing definitive is confusion about how this will end. gallup has romney up nationally up by seven points, and investors business daily has obama up by six. and nbc/"wall street journal" has a tie. >> it's a very tight race. it's a competitive race. we always knew it was going to be in this place in the sense that it's coming down to a few states and a few votes. >> reporter: just as the polls are all over the map, so too will be tonight's debate -- all over the international map, focused on foreign policy and explosive stories about global hot spots, such as "the new york times" reporting that the u.s., for the first time, has agreed in principle to unilateral talks about iran and its nuclear program. and the diplomatic outpost in
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benghazi, libya. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terrorism. >> get the transcript. >> he did, in fact, sir -- he did call it an act of terrorism. >> reporter: a scene that provided tension in real life. and laughs on "saturday night live." >> i'm willing to bet here and now that you have never, in your life, even once used the phrase "terrorist act." >> get the transcript. get 'em. >> governor, he has in fact used the phrase "terrorist act." >> candy, no, no, no. candy, no. [ laughter ] >> i'm afraid he did. >> candy, please. >> reporter: the candidates spent the weekend in intense debate prep. the president reviewing briefing materials and doing debate prep at camp david. mitt romney prepped, as well, though he also dined with his family at a diner in delray beach. after coaching his staff before game of flag football against reporters. >> this is very simple. figure out which of the players is best and take them out early. >> reporter: and after tonight, of course, it's the home stretch race for states. the obama team thinks they can eke out a victory by holding out the states that john kerry won and picking up ohio and nevada. and iowa.
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the romney campaign, of course, thinks they will stop them from doing that. george? >> okay, jake, thanks very much. for more, let's bring in martha raddatz, martha, of course, moderated the vice presidential debate and matthew dowd. >> good morning. >> the focus tonight is on foreign affairs. a lot of new information coming out over the weekend, including that report in "the new york times" now denied by both the u.s. and iran, that direct talks between the u.s. and iran could be coming soon. >> there were a lot of denials over the weekend. you notice that "the new york times" didn't take that story out of the paper. there's clearly something going on diplomatically. anything going on diplomatically could probably help the president. also leaves a simple question to mitt romney. if there was a possibility for face-to-face negotiations, one on one, would you do that or risk another war in the middle east? >> and his surrogates seem to come down on both sides of the question. >> which has happened quite frequently during this campaign.
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you don't really know the difference between these men on a lot of different issues and i think iran is basically one of them. >> in the meantime, we've seen the latest poll out of the "wall street journal"/nbc. 47-47, pretty much corresponds to what we're seeing out there. a dead heat either way. >> all of those seem to be converging on a dead heat either way. which makes this debate so important. these moments we have seen really changes the dynamics of this race more than anything else. it makes it really important for the president. i think tonight's test is more a commander in chief/strong leader test. i think that's why the dynamics of iran and all those other things fit the mold and make it really important. >> it's also conceivable, martha, in this kind of debate when new issues are opened up, you see the kind of mistake that could make the difference in a campaign as well. everyone remembers gerald ford in 1976, it could have cost him the race, when he said poland is not an occupied company. >> that's exactly right. and mitt romney and foreign policy, i'm actually surprised they agreed to do a foreign
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policy debate for the very last debate. >> we'll see what happens, bob schieffer, the moderator. diane and i will be here to cover the debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. right now to josh for the other morning headlines. good morning to you. we're going to begin with big news about gas prices. a new prediction that could fall about 50 cents per gallon. the questions now, why? and which states will see the biggest savings? abc's paula faris is here with some answers. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. help is on the way. just in time for the early holiday season. we're expecting gas to fall roughly 50 cents per gallon. over the next 30 days. look at last month's average compared to what folks are paying this morning, at $3.66. that could go down to $3.35 by thanksgiving. you want to know why, two main reasons, economic supply and demand. lower demand and winter blend. one thing to note about the winter blend, you may not get as
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much gas economy as from, say, the summer blend. who is going to feel the relief the most? states in red, i don't have to tell you, you have been paying the highest prices in the country. states like alaska and california and new york. relief is on the way. definitely, josh, some welcomed news for all of us as we enter into the holiday season. >> indeed. paula faris, thank you for that. developing story overseas. what's being called a major al qaeda terror plot foiled in the middle east. authorities say the 11 suspects that you see here planned to attack shopping malls and assassinate u.s. and british diplomats in jordan. they say the suspects smuggled explosives into the country from neighboring syria which is in the midst of a bloody civil war. that civil war also spilling into lebanon. violent clashes between sunni and shiite groups there erupted again today. the violence has escalated since friday's killing of a top intelligence official which many claim was carried out by the syrian regime. meanwhile, new photos of fidel castro appear to contradict rumors that he's on his deathbed. one shows him in a van with government officials.
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the other, you see there, shows him reading friday's newspaper. a state-run newspaper published an article by castro today in which the 86-year-old brags he doesn't even suffer from headaches these days. and an horrific attack caught on camera in california. a man threw a molotov cocktail at another man. you'll see him engulfed in flames as he runs from the scene. he did survive, thanks to people nearby, who helped put out the flames. a frantic mother raced to get her baby's stroller away from that just in time. no word yet on a motive for the attack. we'll have updates as news warrant. and tonight it will not just be "monday night football" competing on tv with the presidential debate. there's also a rather important baseball game, as well. it's because the giants once again shut down the cardinals last night. forcing a winner-take-all game seven.
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the tigers await. it should be quite a scene in san francisco. of course, it should also be quite a scene elsewhere. lots to get done tonight. >> a lot going on, that is for sure. >> lots to get done. >> all right, josh, thanks so much. we have some breaking news now on lance armstrong, the global governing body of cycling has just announced moments ago it will ban armstrong for life and strip him of his seven tour titles. abc's neal karlinsky joins us from seattle with the very latest on this breaking news. neal? >> reporter: amy, that's right. this is it. the uci cycling's governing body at the press conference going on in switzerland right now, officially stripping armstrong, banning him for life saying, quote, there is no place in cycling for lance armstrong. this was the final hurdle in what is now officially an epic downfall. lance armstrong turning into a virtual outcast in just a matter of days. in what looked at times more like a good-bye party than a celebration, lance armstrong made two appearances at livestrong's 15th anniversary this weekend. but he didn't concede much.
7:14 am
>> people ask me a lot, how are you doing? i tell them, i've been better. but i've also been worse. >> reporter: as his reputation, sponsorships and influence have fallen off a cliff, the silence surrounding his methods over the years has begun to crack. a former competitor testified in this deposition that armstrong bribed him to throw a race with a $1 million prize. >> what was the offer? >> if my memory serves me right, it was $50,000. >> is it fair to say you were offered money to not challenge mr. armstrong, to allow him to win? >> that's correct. >> reporter: armstrong won that race. former "sports illustrated" reporter, selena roberts, tells the story that whenever a doping question was raised, it was met with threats and intimidation. >> i don't think there's really any politician or celebrity or athlete who has really put together the machinery to, you know, suppress reporting of that like lance armstrong has.
7:15 am
>> reporter: former bicycling magazine writer writes, armstrong exerted a corleone-type of influence in our industry. armstrong could make an advertiser disappear from our pages. one reporter said they tried to smear her when they heard she was investigating doping allegations. and she said livestrong was never far from the surface. something others referred to as his cancer shield. >> you're confronted with the sort of the perception that if you're not pro-lance, then, absurdly, you're pro-cancer. >> reporter: a pile of multimillion-dollar lawsuits are coming next. and he'll also likely have to return millions more in prize money. the trouble keeps coming for lance. amy? >> so many new allegations. thank you so much. and now, any of you who think you have bad luck in neighbors. stick around for this surveillance video. it's a miami man. according to his neighbors, he's been at it like this for over a year. abc's john muller is here with the story. boy, john, nice guy.
7:16 am
>> yeah, i tell you what, george. be glad about your neighbors. they call him the neighbor from hell. now, he's been arrested. miami homeowners say they were living in constant fear. things got so bad, they joined together and bought a high-tech surveillance camera. wait until you see what it captured. take a look at this video as an unidentified man throws a rock through a car window. and here, watch these unknown men spray gasoline on a car. and this, a boat bursting into flames. members of this miami community accuse mitchell igelko of all of these crimes, a man they call the neighbor from hell, saying he hired others to do his dirty work. >> he's an angry guy, and he tries to intimidate you. >> reporter: police are still investigating those incidents and igelko has not been charged in them. but late last week, igelko was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and stalking in separate incidents. >> we have property damage and psychological damage. >> reporter: here cameras allegedly catch him throwing what looks like an egg at
7:17 am
someone's house. and in this video, neighbors say it's igelko sprinkling bags of nails on their driveways and lawns. >> i was getting flat tires, not only myself but everybody in the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors allege this one-man reign of terror started in 2008 when igelko, a landscaper, started feuding with neighbors bob and kelly derhagopian. after they hired another company to do some work. others say they were terrorized, too, so they joined together and put up surveillance equipment. watch here as what appeared to be liquid squirting from the white truck. the next day, the grass was killed. neighbors say igelko was behind it. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> reporter: his lawyers say this is nothing more than an ongoing neighborhood dispute, and igelko, himself, has been victimized by vandals. >> to suggest that my client would vandalize his own home, burn his own grass, throw eggs on his own cars is absolutely preposterous.
7:18 am
>> reporter: igelko, who is awaiting a court appearance, has not entered a plea yet. the lawyers told abc news that they're waiting to get access to the tapes to better respond to the allegations. miami police are viewing those tapes and it's possible more charges could be pending. george, amy. >> the lawyers' work is cut out for them. >> wow. >> cameras don't lie. >> no, they don't. neither does sam champion. >> well -- >> okay. most often, not. >> but never under oath. george, never under oath. hey, take a look at these clouds, by the way, the "gma" three-day view south of jamaica. you'll notice what looks to be forming here could be a future tropical system in about 24-48 hours, says the hurricane center, so we'll watch it. here's what the models have with this storm doing, it's kind of in that zone until thursday-ish and then it starts to make a move. we know the storm is going to swing in that direction. how close it will get, we'll watch it very carefully. into the northwest, 1 to 3 inches of rain in
7:19 am
seattle. not just rain, some places will get 6 to 12 inches of snow. so look at that in the white zones, also the hot pink zones where the highest snow totals will be. yep, we begin that season.
7:20 am
>> gorgeous on the east coast. we'll have more weather in the next half hour. amy, george, lara, josh. >> sam. >> sam, thank you so much. coming up, new details on the neighbor accused of killing a 21-year-old woman after she disappeared. her husband speaking out exclusively to abc news. plus the latest on alec baldwin's alleged stalker. she's on offense now saying her reputation has been ruined. and also brad pitt's new chanel 5 ad generating so many spoofs right now. so is the headline grabbing ad a hit or a big laugh? and don't go anywhere, taylor swift, there she is arriving just moments ago. ♪ we are never ever ever arriving just moments ago.
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they're here and ready to help before you try anything... too crazy. now walgreens pharmacists welcome express scripts members. you may stop by today for the service you trust. at the corner of happy and healthy. good morning i'm eric thomas. there's rain out there and slick roads sue has been following a busy commute. it has been. northbound caltrain delay electrical problems train 309 headed northbound up to 15 to 20 minute delay. eastbound 58 580 marina overturn blocking all lanes of
7:25 am
traffic eastbound 580. west highway 4 alhambra accident right lane north 101 coming into san francisco skyway 80 politic accident blocking one lane of traffic 242 south at concord avenue. give yourself plenty of time. >> mike will have live doppler and show you where th
7:26 am
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golden gate building still see rain falling here steadier and heavier rain to the north on live doppler moving through the north bay, definitive cut-off-line the cold front, behind that scattered showers for the afternoon. rain is picking up in intensity now in the north bay and starting to move into the heart of the bay healthy cell offshore heading towards half moon bay up towards san bruno, san mateo, possibly south san francisco over the next half hour. traveling around the state, showers in the central valley, more showers to the south, snow above 5500 feet, winter
7:28 am
storm warning for sierra. up to two feet of snow at highest elevations up to a foot at 5500 feet, you need to be careful if you are heading up that way, i'm sure chains are needed. you can see the big picture behind it, scattered showers will roll in tuesday then another chance of showers wednesday, another healthy chance. rainfall amounts possibly quarter to half inch peninsula into the south bay third to 2/3 of an inch east bay three quarters of an inch of rain to inch and a quarter north bay valleys, heaviest north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains an inch to an inch and hey. you can turn the irrigation system off for the better part of week storm track starts moving north thursday. friday through sunday sunshine, increasing sunshine, increasing warmth, temperatures get back closer to average. once again, here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, heaviest of the rain right now in the north bay, scattered showers
7:29 am
behind it for the rest of the afternoon. ave a great day.
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the dreams, wake up and smile at reality. i'm sorry, is there really no script? i've been talking to myself for like two hours straight. i'm starting to sound insane. [ laughter ] >> "saturday night live" has fun at brad pitt's expense there. he did that chanel number 5 ad, generating spoofs all over the place. it's generating him $7 million, but is he taking a hit for it this morning? >> it's fair to say we saw that coming. >> good morning, everyone. robin is at home recovering from a bone marrow transplant. it's great to have amy here. also ahead, that 21-year-old who vanished on her way to starbucks, well, the suspect accused of killing her is said to appear in court today. this morning, her husband is speaking out in an exclusive interview. we're also going to have the
7:31 am
latest on alec baldwin's stalker. she's going on offense. she said her reputation has been ruined, he can't get a fair trial. also, i don't think i need to tell you, taylor swift is taking on "gma." >> hi! hello. >> in in the studio with fans, surrounded by them. and george cannot wait to talk to her today. >> my girls are waiting for that as well. that's all coming up. we do have to shift gears, beginning with a sad story out of portland. the neighbor arrested for killing 21-year-old kimberly hykel. and abbie boudreau brings the story with her husband. >> good morning, they say they actually knew the man accused of killing her. now her husband wants answers.
7:32 am
his morning, an acquaintance is 20 miles away in a jell cell. splis say holt abducted and twilled the 21-year-old on the way to work in portland, oregon before dumping her body on this mountain. >> it's very difficult. i only had her a year and nine months together. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news, clint hykel said the suspect who is also married lives in their apartment complex and attended their church. he said he really had take contain of the cats and plants when they were away. he said he even helped jonathan holt jump start his motorcycle a few weeks ago. >> she's kind, she didn't deserve this. just why? the question is why? >> reporter: police say they don't know that answer either. and have released few details
7:33 am
about when holt approached whitney or if he's stalking her. and neighbors are just as confused. >> something snapped or something. you know, it's like something nobody expects of anybody. >> reporter: a heartbreaking loss and a husband still searching for answers. >> she was just a beautiful little person, just full of love. and was a ray of light to everybody. >> we tried reaching out to holt through his wife, but she did not respond. he will make his first court appearance later today. george? >> okay, thanks for more. let's bring in former fbi consultant brad garrett. and we learned a few details about how this couple new mr. holt. i guess that's the first thing the inverses are going after, the extent of the relationship. >> right, there may be none, george. this could be an attraction by whether holt or was he breaking into her car when she was going to work but something went
7:34 am
drastically wrong in that parking lot. there's no indication that there was a relationship between the two of them. the police are going to have to try to figure out what was going on inside his head. >> how much of a case do the police have? >> well, it appears they've got a lot forensics. and what they haven't told us what do they have on surveillance cameras and other locations. but finding, apparently, his dna in the car. there were prints where his body was found. it looks to me they got a reasonable case forensically at this point. >> based on your experience, what would be your thumbnail profile of the shooter? >> well, if there is no relationship, it appears he had some sort of attraction for her, perhaps. when she came out to go to work, he approached her. maybe she ignored him or whatever. and something went wrong in the parking lot. and as a result, he must have grabbed her or injured her in the parking lot enough to drive
7:35 am
her away. >> or as one of the neighbors said, he might have just snapped. brad garrett, thanks very much. now to the latest alec baldwin's alleged stalker trying to defend herself including tweets to the presidential candidates all this with her trial apparently a month away. >> she's very public right now. she is going on the offensive saying her reputation has been ruined, that she's been stoned in the public square by the media and that she can't get a fair trial because of baldwin's powerful new york connection. >> reporter: in a new interview given in french on canada's tv, sabourin said her story has been sensationalized. i would like to turn the page, she said, when prepares for the trial, every day i suffer from the pain, the fears and the
7:36 am
expense, i can't work. it takes advantage of me. it humiliates me. >> you are saying you're innocent? >> reporter: the actress was charged with harassment and stalking, arrested after showing up outside of baldwin's new york apartment. baldwin told the police, the two went to dinner once. a favor he says, he did for a friend to give sabourin career advice. but she says the two were in a relationship. i just wanted to know his version so i could move on with my life, he says. i didn't believe he would tell me by phone or e-mail so i took a trip to new york. in court documents, baldwin tells a different story, saying sabourin sent him ten e-mails in march demanding a meeting, or, quote, she was going to start a massive destructive war with me. >> it's going to be clear that i haven't committed any crime. >> reporter: though it now says
7:37 am
sabourin is confident those facts will come out, she's taken to twitter to new york's attorney general to prevent her from getting a fair trial. even tweeting barack obama and governor romney. >> by going on this twitter stage, he's made it in media even more. >> and it's proved that she wasn't stalking on facebook. but she can't get to those messages, when she found out he was dating baldwin's now wife, she unfriended him. >> more to come in court? >> that's correct. >> john, thanks very much. time for the weather and sam champion. >> hey, good morning, amy. big time storms load up in the midwest and continue through the week. take a look at the pictures, anywhere from hail to water spouts. if you moved inland, it was snow and rain. and big time today. it's dropped chilly weather over
7:38 am
the west coast. seattle, you'll go from 50 to 40 wednesday. salt lake city in the 40s as well. even vegas drops into the 60s by the time we get to wednesday. here's where the heat holds on. it's not perfect stormy weather where you see the heat. in st. louis there will be a string of storms that fire up in the daytime heat. enjoy it while you have it because in the same heat, this zone drops to 20 to 30 degrees cooler. >> all of that weather was brought to you by prilosec otc.
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7:43, we are back with big laughs being generated by this spoof of brad pitt as the first male face of chanel number 5. the original ads are being mocked mercilessly. it begs the question was it really worth it for chanel to be paid big bucks, or brad pitt, abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: it was the perfume ad with 6 million views. >> it's not a journey. >> reporter: the perfume ad starring that famous face. >> plans disappear. dreams take over. >> reporter: brad pitt is the first male spokesman ever for that famous brand and his first ad has just be everyone talking, even though most people are left asking, just what the heck he's talking about. >> i watched it again today. an i have to say it's even stranger than i remembered it from the first time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the spoofs go on
7:44 am
and on. from conan o'brien. >> it's not a journey. [ laughter ] every journey ends but we go on. >> reporter: to "saturday night live." >> and the dreams wake up and smile at reality. i'm sorry, is there really no script? because i've been talking to myself for like two hours straight, i'm starting to sound insane. >> reporter: to ellen degeneres. >> who let the dogs out? who? who? >> reporter: and online, people aren't holding back either. just look at some of these comments for the ad on youtube. from it doesn't matter what he says, it's just sexy. to "worst ad ever." coco is spinning in her grave and yawn. love it or leave it, it's has been the ad for the fragrance that has been around nearly a century. >> it's not just about publicity, they generated millions of impressions and gotten a ton of publicity.
7:45 am
this is a home run. >> reporter: other faces have been the face for this perfume before. >> my luck, my fate, my fortune. >> reporter: but none quite like this. >> i'm sorry, is it me or do i look super homeless? >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, hollywood. and coming up here on "gma" -- pippa speaks out. the world's most famous sister is saying what stirred her up. and the anchor -- "the play of the day" anchor challenge. i started which means i've already won. take a look at this 600-pound fish and -- freeze it! is that the way they do it? it is now. "the play of the day" coming up next! of coffee simple. a delicious cup how does it brew such great coffee? well...
7:46 am
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7:48 am
7:49 am
here's "the play of the
7:50 am
day"! >> so, this week, i decided to take the week off, but i couldn't really take the week off. so we cooked up an anchor challenge "the play of the day." you're all going to my job. and america is going to judge all of you individually. i'm told there's going to be a winner. you logon to on yahoo!. with no further ado, sam, entertain the people. >> it's really no challenge. this challenge is over, ladies and gentlemen. >> oh. >> take a look at this, when you decide to fight the fish in the sea. we go to as you yale tra. sometimes, a 600-pound marlin that you're trying to fight, fights back. >> oh! >> oh! there it goes. everyone gets hit by flying debris. this thing gets onboard and gets offboard. with the fish caught. >> look at that. >> the fish was not caught. it was a sea rescue. >> oh, i get it. i see what you did.
7:51 am
>> you got to toss this? >> there's much more, taylor swift's in the house. >> hot shot. all right. hot shot!
7:52 am
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7:56 am
tiburon, san francisco down to daly city also about to get a good shower quarter to half inch on the peninsula through wednesday. major accident "sig alert"
7:57 am
south 101 at the foot of the waldo grade, several cars involved two lanes blocked take golden gate ferry if you can. north 280 san jose 7th accident, north 101 story most san jose highways are bumper-to-bumper. southbound 280 leaving san francisco reports of an accident there. >> the news continues with "good morning america." another update in an half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ okay, america -- ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> you will never ever have more fun in the morning than this. >> it's going to be so good. >> for the next two mornings, look who is here. >> good morning, america. >> it's a taylor swift exclusive. >> are you ready? >> yeah, we're ready. now, say good morning to taylor swift! ♪ >> how ready are they in times square right now? right now, huge crowd, so excited. they've been lining up for most of the weekend here. all to say taylor swift right here on "good morning america." look at the the fans in the
8:01 am
studio as well. good morning to you all of you. robin is home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. taylor swift. >> hi! this is crazy. this is insane. >> does this ever get old? >> no, this is insane. that's so many people. thank you for doing this. >> thank you to you. >> and josh is going to have a surprise for you. >> you got me a present? >> yeah. >> i love presents. >> for you. >> it's your very first copy of your ever produced cd "red." >> first off the presses. >> oh, my. that's the first one? >> yes. oh, you guys! thank you so much! [ cheers and applause ] >> we should hug. that's awesome. thank you. >> thank you. >> wow. >> we give you copies of your own album. >> thank you so much, guys. you know what, i just kind of scanned through. >> is there an artist that you would ever run out to buy the
8:02 am
first cd, stand out in the rain and sunshine for hours to see? >> probably joni mitchell. for sure, definitely. >> that's a cool one. >> or james taylor. >> yeah. >> you're crazy, you guys. right there, it's real. >> well, we love having you. more to come, coming up, everybody. she's cute. she's here. also ahead on the show, pippa is speaking out. the world's most famous sister is now revealing how she really feels about being famous for her bottom. and also her stunning rise to fame. how does she feel about that. >> i was wondering how you were going to do that. >> i tried to be elegant and lady-like. >> it was, it was. and justin timberlake and jessica biel, they tied the
8:03 am
knot. mazel tov. we've got the first look. we're going to begin with the third and final debate between president obama and governor mitt romney. this shows that the race is essentially a dead heat. tonight's debate is going to be focusing on foreign policy. mitt romney expected to criticize the president's handling of the recent attack in libya and press him for intentions in israel. meanwhile, more details about that deadly shooting rampage at a day spa in milwaukee. investigators say three people were killed and four wounds before the gunman radcliffe haughton turned the gun on himself. his wife worked at the spa. she had taken a restraining order against him last week after he was arrested for slashing her tires. and it's a quote, lance armstrong has no place in cycling, end quote.
8:04 am
that decision handed down by the international cycling union which is accepts the anti-doping scathing report on armstrong. so it will strip him of his seven tour de france titles and ban him from the sport for life. and a rally for held for aaron fisher, the 18-year-old better known as victim number one of the jerry sandusky victim. he said he once followed his bus home from high school, chasing after him in his car, even after he started running away. in an exclusive interview with abc's chris cuomo, fisher said he contemplated suicide. gas prices are coming down. the holiday flights are filling up fast. fares on many routes already higher than last year and are well above the prices two years ago.
8:05 am
orbitz recommends booking your flights before the end of this month. finally, shocking video. we talked about it at the beginning of the show. an unsuspected pedestrian who wanders into the path of a police car. take a look. >> wow, wow. >> here's the thing, he jumped up off the windshield and walked away. >> that's unbelievable. >> walked away. >> wow. >> wow. >> incredible stuff. >> oh, boy, he's okay, josh? >> i will say, when i cross the street here, i will think about that all the time. >> that's quite a vertical leap. >> it's like in the video game frogger on any given day. >> yes. >> wow. >> it's like going from the news to "pop news." >> good morning, everybody. happy monday to you. and we are six months away from the release of iron man 3, hang on, tony stark fans we've got a sneak peek for you. this is a "gma" exclusive.
8:06 am
it's a taste of what's to come. and you will not see it anywhere else. take a look, there's robert downey jr. back as tony. don sciutto will reprise his role as brody. and gwyneth. and you caught a glimpse of guy pearson there as well. this was a quick teaser to whet your appetites "ironman" fans. >> i loved this movie. lovelied it. not a better movie. >> yes. >> i liked it a lot. your passion for it -- >> i'm so glad. >> is that a riddle? >> fighting crime, i think. >> "love ironman." hey, also "pop news" everybody, we're guessing the song that adele is singing this morning are lullabies.
8:07 am
the grammy winner giving birth over the weekend. >> oh, wow. >> rumor has it she and her boyfriend simon are ecstatic about the baby's arrival. no word on what the baby's name is yet. but turned adele into the biggest heartbreak of 2011, we're starting to hear more about the new man in her life. congratulations. hey hello to mrs. justin timberlake, everybody. jessica biel is spotted out for a post-wedding stroll. this is the first look at her after tying the knot over the weekend. they said "i do" in a secret -- well, kind of not that secret star-studded festivity in italy saturday. adam sandberg, beverly mitchell. i heard jimmy fallon was there. and the bride and groom were
8:08 am
showered with flower petals after taking the wows and headed to an unknown locale for a honeymoon. and finally, everybody, halloween came to new york a little early this year. the city hosted the mother of all dog parades. this is not just any canine celebrations. we're talking hundreds of dogs in halloween getups. and they showed up for the 22nd annual compton square park. pooches ready to show off costumes everything from evita to -- >> that's evita. >> and then there's that one. >> oh! >> oh! come on. >> whoa, whoa, wait. it was this coming close to being the happiest, sweetest "pop news" of all time. >> and then -- >> well, but she did quote winston churchill.
8:09 am
>> it's true. it's true. >> come on. >> you're a woman for all seasons. >> i really am. >> you really are. >> you're many things. >> many things. now the weather. no, just say no. no. hello, everybody. taylor swift -- back up just for a second for me. and tell me your names. >> michelle. >> michelle, that is amazing. how did you do that? you hot glued each of those on? then spin over here and take a look at the taylor swift drawing all the way down -- all the way down -- taylor, you have the most artistic fans in the world. i've never seen the most beautiful stuff made. that's incredible. let's get to the boards here. live shot from chicago. we'll show you this area all because these temperatures are so warm, you're going to say, hey, this isn't october. but this changes. watch the oos in the front slide
8:10 am
in the middle of the country. likely to fire up thunderstorms there. by the end of the week, those temperatures take a tumble. so if it's dry outside, enjoy your opportunity. pittsburgh, 70 degrees. even gorgeous in times square. why wouldn't it be? taylor swift is here for two >> you're looking -- back inside to --
8:11 am
>> lara! >> lara! >> thank you so much, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma" menu. pippa and what her stunning sister has to say about her sudden rise to fame. >> and taylor swift is taking over. she is answering your questions this morning. you do not want to miss it. and fergie is speaking out. her revealing interview with oprah. you don't want to miss it live in times square. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take.
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8:16 am
♪ taylor mania here in times square. she's coming up in just a bit. but first, it's been a whirlwind year for pippa middleton. and after so much time in the spotlight, she is finally opening up in her brand-new party planning book what it's really like skyrocketing to fame. abc's lama hasan is in london with the very latest on that. >> good morning, amy. well, it was a derriere that launched a thousand clicks and pippa middleton and her perfectly pert back side became the talk of the town. now in her new book, we're getting a glimpse at her new-found fame. >> reporter: for the first time, the world's most famous maid of honor is opening up about the ups and downs of instant fame. in an excerpt from her new party-planning book "celebrate: a year of festivities for families and friends," the
8:17 am
20-year-old writes, "it's a bit startling to achieve global recognition if that's the right word before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom." >> i think the book and everything around is trying to forge her way and identity away from maernt parents and i say separate from her sister as well. >> reporter: she continues "i'm a typical girl in her twenties trying to forge a career and represent herself in what can sometimes seem rather strange circumstances." middleton doesn't shy away from discussing those circumstances, instead, addressing the elephant in the room head on. "it feels even stranger to me than it probably does to you to have seen so much written about me when i've done so little to paint a picture of myself. this is my first chance to do that." and now we're just learning there's talk of another book in the pipeline for pippa on -- wait for it -- how to plan a wedding on a budget. it's safe to say she won't be asking her sister kate for any tips on how to throw a wedding on a shoestring.
8:18 am
>> i think no one is more surprised than her how famous she's become in such a short period of time. >> reporter: and middleton knows she has a solid network of supporters behind her writing "the nurturing of family and friends at home seems more important than ever to me." and to celebrate her new book, pippa the queen of party throwing have been holding a lavish thing. word on the street kate will probably not be there because duty calls for hubby william will be working. amy. >> lama hasan, thanks so much. now, for the moment everyone has been waiting for, george? >> that's right, taylor swift is right here in times square. she has three number one albums in a row, now, the newest album "red" number four. oniitunes already released. you've done it again. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> look at the fans out there. >> this is crazy.
8:19 am
there's so many out there. in here and out there. i'm blown away. >> this album "red" you've branched out here. with all kinds of partners and i see you called it your most adventurous album yet. what did you mean by that? >> i think for me, with this album, i tend to explore the edges of what i'm allowed to do. exploring, kind of pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone which is writing alone and going and working with my heroes, songwriters who have influenced me my whole career. it really, really kind of challenged me in the best way possible. >> what's different about writing from somebody else? >> well, everybody has their own process. some people start with making a track. like i just grab a guitar and make stuff up. everybody's got a different way of doing things. what it felt like was, being 22, kind of learning from my absolute heroes and exploring how they do what they do. and it was really amazing learning experience. >> and my little girls have been walking around the house for weeks singing "never, ever, ever getting back together." i don't think they understand.
8:20 am
what it means. >> 7 and 9? >> 7 and 10. >> yeah, they don't know. i'm glad they're singing it. >> they are definitely singing it. now, i know you're not going to name the man who this is about. i read somewhere it was designed to drive the ex absolutely crazy. what is that about? >> i only said that once maybe, on a bad day. but i think for me, like music is my way of understanding what i'm feeling. when i started writing songs when i was 12, i would like run to my room and write songs about a difficult day at school, or something like that. and it's kind of carried me my whole life. and allowed me to kind of filter through really complicated emotions and make them simple. >> what comes to you first? the theme, the feeling, the tune? >> well, it's always different. sometimes, it's a fragment of lyric and melody. sometimes, it's a backup lyric or post-hook. something like that. it's like getting the first
8:21 am
puzzle piece and you have to figure out at that point where it is in the grand scheme of things and filling in the song. >> you've gotten all kinds of questions on twitter. one comes from the lucky one 1313 who wanted to know which song on "red" was the hardest to write emotionally? >> the song "all too well" was the hardest to write because it took me a long time to filter through everything i wanted to put on the song. it started being like a ten-minute song which you can't put on an album. and i had to filter it down to a story that could work in the form of a song. and i called my friend and co-writer liz rhodes and said, come over, we've got to filter this down. it took me a really long time to get it to its final form. >> so in some ways are you writing all the time? >> yes, all the time. i wrote a new one two days ago. >> wow. >> it doesn't matter if i'm preparing for a record or about to put one out. writing is just the way i live and i write about the way i'm living. >> if you were to write a song about your love life right now, happy song, sad song?
8:22 am
>> i don't really talk about my love life. i kind of sing about it a lot. because i really think that it sounds more poetic and romantic with music behind it. >> and it's more true to you in that way? >> yeah. and my fans know i'm going to give them the real version of what happened to me in my music. and they know what they read on blogs or websites or whatever may or may not be true. and they can kind of tell a hit that's true or not because they know me. >> what have you learned about how to navigate your whole private life in such a public -- when you're living in such a public place? look at all the people out here right now. >> well, i don't mind any of that at all. not really. there's nothing wrong with that. but there is sort of the pressure to not make a mistake. and i'm at an age where you're supposed to be learning lessons and all that. making mistakes and it's okay. but, you know, i have to minimize the mistakes that i make because it's important that
8:23 am
i -- that i -- i have these people that count on me. so that's part of it. that i have come to terms with, you know. >> i think you're doing pretty well, not making too many mistakes. >> thanks, that's nice. >> ready for a lightning round? >> lightning round? i love lightning round. >> okay. "gma" speed. there it is right now. you're on the hot seat. appropriately addressed this morning. number one, favorite tv show. >> "csi,""law & order," "grey's amat anatomy" "girls." >> all good ones right there. first celebrity crush? >> taylor hansen. >> you are fast. what's your hidden talent? >> antique shopping and putting together and my friends' apartments when they're not there. >> lara, did you hear that? antique shopping. go-to comfort food? >> cinnamon toast crunch cereal or pop tarts. >> do you know who you share a
8:24 am
famous comfort food with? robert pattinson. >> wow. >> i can't believe i know that. what is your favorite place in the whole world and why? >> my favorite place in the whole world is nashville because it's my home. it's music city. it's like everybody there is so artistic and creative. and nice, everybody's really friendly which is good. >> you are so good at this game. >> thank you so much. >> let's get some more twitter questions. we have one from swiftness 13 who writes "you've achieved so much so far, what's left on your list that you really want to achieve? >> lots. i think, you know, for me, i would love to -- i would love to have this album be something that really i'm proud of and put together the tour. and have it be a show that worth people paying their money spending the evening with us to see it. you know, i want to make this show better than anything i've done before. >> of all the new kinds of music you've tried which one was the
8:25 am
most fun or even the most challenging to you? >> the one that was the most fun was a song called "i knew you were trouble." i started it on piano. i knew at the end of the chorus, i wanted to have this crazy bass drop. i brought it to my co-writers max martin and johan shellback who are amazing. and they were able to -- tipped the song to play. because i didn't think that my music would ever go. >> your parents have done so much for you. they moved to nashville many years ago when you wanted to start out singing. we got another question from keith sergeant who wanted to know how your parents are adjusting to your success? >> they're great with it. my dad is like -- he goes around with all these guitar picks from my tour in his pocket and hands them to strangers, and he's like hey, i'm taylor swift's dad. and he makes friends everywhere
8:26 am
he goes and loves it. my dad's like the friendliest guy in the world. and my mom is really sweet because she has really great taste and really logical opinions. so i ask her for advice about everything. we're really close. >> finally, judy wants to know what in life brings a smile to your face? >> oh, my god, so much. mostly like cats -- mostly cats. >> mostly cats. taylor swift, thank you so much. you are going to be back tomorrow. live performance right here in times square. ahead, we're going to reveal the winner of the taylor swift contest who is also going to be here tomorrow to see her perform. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a lot more coming up in the next half hour. ♪
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. apple plans to release new ipad mini tomorrow. schools are expected to be among those buying the new gadget. executives will highlight educational capabilities. apple believes it is more cost effective than traditional laptops expected to sell for around $249. >> no money can buy you out of the horrible commute this morning. rough all the way around. bart delay 10 minutes at macarthur station sfo direction west 580 foothill accident well over an hour from the altamont pass to 680, nasty commute, south 101, sausalito, bumper-to-bumper with "sig alert" slow from novato to the tip of the waldo grade. rough one out there, give
8:28 am
yourself time. >> the culprit, the rain. we'll check in with mike, next.
8:29 am
live doppler, some of the better radar returns are as front accelerating now it is head to the higher country fairfield down towards vallejo and benicia some of the better returns these aren't as impressive as they were when it moved through the north bay. east bay valleys starting to get healthy rain out university hills. south of the -- union city towards redwood city, healthy cell there lighter rain as far west as san francisco heading up north winter storm warning snow accumulating to 5500 feet. two feet in higher elevations. line there is the cold front once we get past that which i think will be noon the way it
8:30 am
is rolling 10 or 11:00 scattered in the forecast during the afternoon. heaviest rain ♪ you've seen them all morning. this wild crowd here for taylor swift, lining up since last night. and now they are taking over times square. and taylor swift taking over "gma" again tomorrow, unforgettable performance. she's going to sing a new hit. we cannot wait for that. good morning, america. you know, robin is home recovering from a bone marrow transplants. i'm sure she's watching. >> got to be home dancing. we've been talking about this all morning long, we actually had thousands of you writing in, hoping to be the new fan to see taylor swift perform live on "good morning america." now, the big moment has revealed. it's time to reveal the winner. drum roll. the winner is sarah jones!
8:31 am
and she is joining us, she's home in cedarville, north carolina. congratulation, sarah. you've won the trip to new york. how are you feeling? >> i think we just saw. >> and sarah, look! i know while you gather yourself, look who's here to say hello. >> hi, how's it going? >> oh! >> oh, my god. i'm so happy, i get to say hi to you. >> oh. >> i just wanted to say, i'm so happy i get to say hi to you. and i'm so happy i get to meet you and give you a hug tomorrow. thank you so much for coming. >> that's great. that's great. >> that is fantastic. >> oh. >> congratulations, sarah. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> it's going to take a while to recover from that one. >> she's breathing now. >> awesome. >> if that wasn't -- it was so great.
8:32 am
another wonderful person on the show today, gerard butler is here. loved his movies. oh, look at that. he loves you, taylor. >> oh. >> they put every one of those on that heart. >> i hope he made that. i love what he made. >> you're going to love his new movie. he's got a new movie, called "chasing maverick." it's a surfing film. he's going to tell us what happened. he almost got hurt. it's a good movie. >> speaking of taking the plunge, this morning, how about adorable diving dogs. nothing better than this. inside the splash, taylor, are dogs almost as cute as cats? >> yes, it's so cute right now. >> yeah. >> underwater. >> they'd be fine. they'd be great. >> on the inside.
8:33 am
>> we got a whole lot coming up. let's get to the latest from superstar halle berry. she joins fellow oscar winner tom hanks playing different characters over 12 centuries. and cameron mathison got the on-cam transformations. >> reporter: halle berry may be recognized in roles like "die another day." and monster ball. >> you make me feel real good. >> reporter: on the set of this, halle got no recognition from her daughter looking like this. >> i've got this rotating thing on my eye. that just blew me and my daughter away. she was fairly freaked out. when i finally said, hi, honey, i saw her leave her body. and i don't think she's still over the fact that so frightened her. i mean, the teeth just made my breath smell. >> reporter: breathtaking for halle.
8:34 am
>> what's going on in here? >> reporter: playing six characters over several centuries in "cloud atlas." >> i start out playing this character in the 1800s. and i eventually evolve. an extraterrestrial high priestess person. we find over souls in other time periods. >> reporter: other souls include tom hanks, susaner sarandon. and hugh grant. >> i had several conversations before i knew it was hugh grant. it reverberates hundreds and hundreds of years. if you look throughout history you can see how actually it's affected where we go. in my life, i think about what images i'm modeling for my daughter, decisions that i'm
8:35 am
making how that will affect her in her life. >> reporter: just in general, how are things going for halle berry? >> it's okay. just living life. >> reporter: it's easy to think, wow, halle berry's got it made. do you have it made? >> it's what having it made is. do i have a daughter that is the love of my life? okay, i have it made. acareer? okay, i have it made. amazing friends and families, things that make me feel like i have it made. like everybody else, i've got the challenges of, you know, motherhood, and this world that i live in, it's not always the easiest to navigate. i feel a lot of pressure sometimes being a publipublic f. and i'm mindful of everything i say sometimes. sometimes, that's hard to bear. just one person with my own opinion.
8:36 am
i'm mindful of that. that's really important. >> reporter: "good morning america," i'm cameron mathison in los angeles. >> "and cloud atlas" opened nationwide on friday. now to sam. >> yeah, we're taking pictures. taking pictures with the crowd. still, the most amazing piece of artwork i've ever seen. show the other side of it. not one side is good enough, both sides. that's fantastic. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. as you head outside your doors, we'll start with fairhope, alaska, beautiful shot -- no, that's alabama. i know sam, our weather producer is actually in alabama. that's one of our favorite drives from mobile up to birmingham. beautiful drive. port angeles, washington. sacramento, portland, medford, all in line to get one to two inches of rain solid. a little elevation on this rain, you'll pull down two to three
8:37 am
inches of rain. it's six to 12 inches of snow at >> for the next couple of days. all that weather is brought to you by jcpenney. oh, amy? >> hi, sam. i can barely hear you, but i think you just threw to me. thank you. the new season of the comedy hit "happy ending" starts tomorrow. the first episode starts with a real surprise. elisha cuthbert is one of the stars. we're happy to have you here. >> hi. >> new york in october doesn't work well with sleeveless
8:38 am
dresses. >> i know. >> it begins with your character jilting her fiance at the altar. this time, it's different? >> this time, it's crazy. it's been fun. >> we have a look at your career episode where you reveal the big news. >> big news out of this corner, these two are going to meet with a real estate agent and look at apartments these days. stop! before you start, stop in your tracks. >> we know what you're thinking. that we're moving too fast. >> jane, you're probably like, bad idea, i'm going to my kegel exercises. and you're thinking bad idea. >> and brad like hell no, you two are moving in together! turkeys. >> don't even say it like that. >> wow, you guys talk fast. the dialogue is great.
8:39 am
what's it like on the show? >> it's like that, it's so much fun. you know, we've been doing this for three years now. we have so much fun together as a group. and we're really lucky. and we just have such great fans and support, so it's been great. >> we should mention that you're lucky in love. congratulations. you just got engaged to your long time love nhl player dion phaneuf, right? >> you said it right. it was a beautiful surprise. >> you've been dating since 2008? >> yes, five years now. >> it's about time he got down on one knee. i am a huge -- was a huge "24" fan. i loved your character, kiefer sunderland's daughter. everyone wants to know if there's going to be a movie? >> i think there there be a movie. >> so you're in it, if there's a movie? >> i'm in it, absolutely. >> you've been in show business
8:40 am
since a little girl. you were a foot model at the age of 10? >> yeah. >> and we found an earlier appearance of yours there "are you afraid of the dark," it's a nickelodeon show. look how cute you are. >> i know. >> look how far you've done? >> i think i've grown a little bit. thank god. >> how does it feel? >> it's been a slow and steady slim climb. i got to do the drama "24." and having so much fun. and now engaged, life is good. >> we're glad to have you here. thank you so much. you are lovely. the new season of "happy endings" premieres tomorrow at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ what a crowd here in times square. and we are back with gerard butler. surfing his way into theaters this friday. in a new film called "chasing maverick." it tells the true story of jay mortarty. he's a 16-year-old who takes on the most dangerous places to surf. and jerry is a man who teaching
8:44 am
jay how to tackle the waves. congratulations on this film. not only are you starring in it, but you're producing. it's a passion of sorts? >> yeah, it's a very inspiring, very moving, powerful story. and i thought, this is a perfect opportunity, one, for me to learn to surf. two, tells the story for everybody. for kids, the grown-ups. the kind of movie that wants to make you eat up life. it doesn't to be surfing. >> something that makes you want to tackle? i used the word "tackle" for a reason? >> i went to san diego with my cousin and i could barely get in the water and i thought, i'm going to make a fool of myself. eventually, i thought it would be a sport i'd love to take up. for this film, i harnessed the idea. that explains to me how hard it is to become a surfer, how
8:45 am
dangerous it is and how exciting it is. >> we actually have video in the film. you got really, really hurt. can we roll that video that shows you -- >> nobody has seen that. >> let's see. there you go. >> there we go. it was like a tsunami coming in. and then just -- look at that. that's crazy! even though i see it now, it brings back memories. and i just didn't come back up really. i was down for that wave. and i was down for a long time, turning, turning and the next wave came over and i started to think, wow, i'm going to die making a movie. >> wow, the weight of the water on you and trying to get out. >> somebody described maverick's day as liquid hell. because the water was very dark and heavy. there's just a lot of water there. it's a much deeper surf so it takes you down farther. you can go down 25, 30 feet. and it also took my board off of me. so i was just churning down there. >> have you since gotten up and
8:46 am
dusted yourself off? >> yeah, yeah. i was surfing two days ago. >> i want to show everybody. you play a character called frosty. and you are the teacher. this is a part where jay asks you to train him to take on the maverick? >> one bump on the face of that wave and you're hitting water like concrete 50 miles an hour. and you have a thousand tons of water coming down on top of you. it's knocking you senseless, whipping you apart, pushing you down into a place that's so deep and so dark, you don't want to be there. >> so why do it? >> get out of here. i got work to do. >> train me then. train me to ride it. >> "chasing maverick." the flying scotsman. that's what we'll call you now on your surfboard.
8:47 am
it's not just about surfing. you do call it a relationship film. >> yeah. >> tell me why. >> really, this is a story, it's about following your dream. what is your dream? it's about eating up every moment. this kid came along and he just had this thing in his head, he's willing to sacrifice everything to do that. he really brought out the father figure in frosty. frosty went through a hard time. and there was his surprising relationship that builds. and also about the people you meet in life as you're trying to achieve your dreams and your achievements. and i think that's what's really touching and surprising about the movie. >> really, really a great part to the movie. we just saw images. beautiful. we've got to go, how do we do it in surf talk, how do we go? >> that's it. whenever i do it, i'll call you -- yeah, see you later.
8:48 am
>> call me maybe. everybody check out "chasing maverick." opens friday nationwide. and we thank you for being with us. >> thank you. coming up, underwater puppy portraits making a
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ back now with the photo shoot that's been given us if nothing else, a different look at man's best friend. a photographer went diving with a bunch of dogs, snapping shots at faces they made taking underwater mruvngplunges. our cameron mathison is back with the story. >> reporter: they are the pictures that set social media abuzz. over 150 million views. dogs in the most unlikely of poses. ♪ it's a project that was the
8:51 am
brainchild of seth castillo. today, he's hard at work. yeah, he's hard at work. that's is why seth may have the most dangerous job in america. >> i photograph dogs and photograph cats. of course, the coolest project is underwater dogs. i got this photographing dogs a couple years ago. that's what i'm doing lately, photographing dogs in pools. >> reporter: it all started with a king spaniel named buster. >> he has crazy hair style. >> reporter: and more than 80 shots have inspired a picture book appropriately titled "underwater dogs." >> let's to bear. >> reporter: seth went to the photo shoot for one of his favorite subjects, a border
8:52 am
collie. with the housing, the pool. a game of fetch to get him running, so to speak. >> drop it. >> reporter: and then baby steps. >> wait. good. >> reporter: before long -- well, you get the picture. >> good girl! >> reporter: and the shoot has taken off, in the water shooting video along with seth to see how it looks under the surface. seth even let me take a turn with the real camera. >> wow. >> reporter: and that photo not in the book. seth said he's an equal opportunity photographer. >> there we go. >> little dogs, true bred dogs, puppies, senior dog, all of them participate in this. >> reporter: so what is this that makes this seth's calling? >> i'm drawn to the emotion of the dogs. when they jump in the pool you see all of these different things, primal, hilarious.
8:53 am
somebody asked me would you ever photograph a wedding? i said only if it's two golden retreeievers getting married. >> i wanted this for my dog!
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ and we all know that music. what a happy way to start a monday. it's been great. taylor swift will be back here tomorrow performing live right here in times square. >> do not miss it! >> no! ♪ "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. in oakland today the jury set to begin first day of deliberations in the michelle le murder case. le disappeared from a garage at kaiser hospital last year where she worked her body was found four months later. giants need one more win to make it into the world series. giants beat st. louis 6-1 to force a 7th game this evening
8:59 am
beginning at 5 p.m. if the giants win they host the tigers in the world series wednesday. any showers remaining game time? very, very isolated steadier and heavier rain now. this is the cold front and it is pushing through the east bay valleys now stretching across the san mateo dumbarton bridges into the peninsula heading into the south bay as we speak you are going to get your rain over the next hour or two it will be out of here by noon. greatest amount in the north bay. game 7 will be played tonight. dramatic pictures of a car fire south 101 at freitas parkway in marin. traffic jammed behind the scene trying to get that fire out it may be raining but that car is burning. farther south earlier accident on waldo cleared traffic a nightmare over an hour out of novato south towards the golden gate bridge toll. >> join us for


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